Our Units


There are four basic floor plans in The Courts.  Model A is a two-bedroom with two-and-a-baths unit that has 1,476 square feet of living space.  Model B has three bedrooms. (including one on the first floor) or alternatively two bedrooms and a family room and has three full baths. The unit has 1,670 square feet of living space.  Model C is a three-bedroom with two-and-a half-baths and has 1,661 square feel of living space. Model D has three bedrooms and two-and-a-half bath rooms that has 1,828 square feet of living space.  Many owners have enclosed balconies or patios to provide even more living space.  Ninety-six of the units have garages. All other units have carports.

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Each unit has its own ground-level entry way with its own courtyard.  Residents have the opportunity to get creative and landscape these areas with their own personal preferences.  Some go with a tropical look.  Others go with a southwest look.  Whatever the taste, the courtyards let residents lay out their own individualized entry way.